Guitars & Water Don’t Mix

The flood that hit Nashville on May 1, 2010 has been devastating to many families and businesses. More than 30 people have lost their lives. Many more have lost their homes and jobs. It is disheartening for me that the national media has not reported on this tragedy as they have many of the other disasters that our nation has suffered.

You might consider donating to one of these fine local charities that will directly impact the Middle Tennessee region:

Many of my friends, former co-workers and employers have been hit hard by the flood. Here are some links to pictures from just a few…


Front of 750 Front of 750.
Soundcheck Rehearsal Studios where many touring & studio musicians store their gear. 


An areal shot Soundcheck Rehearsal Studios. 


Ryan Wariner, studio musician and touring guitarist with LeAnn Rimes, lost all of his gear to the flood inside Soundcheck.
“Back of my effects-rack. Not what I mean when I say ‘dirty guitar tone’ usually.”
~Brad Paisley
“Just took this; some of my road gear, amps, guitars, etc, that were submerged.
~Brad Paisely 

The case with all of the drawers used to be my tech case when I toured with Bryan White.

“Wanna see what the Cumberland River does to an acoustic guitar?”
~Brad Paisley
“Amp I.c.u. Ok, I know it’s not life and death but keep your fingers crossed. Now, on to the guitars…”
~Michael Britt of Lonestar 


“Back in the shop this morning after doing guitar Triage this weekend for the Soundcheck flood victims. It’s difficult to comment on this situation. We’re emotionally drained and words are tough. The look on some of the musician’s faces after seeing instruments that meant so much to them and their career in ruins…..”
~ Jeff Senn Guitars
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