Guild JF30-12

This Guild JF30-12 twelve-string guitar has been a little hot under the collar. And by that I mean it has experienced some serious heat while on a recent trip to Southeast Asia.

The bridge was pulling up from the heat exposure and three of the internal braces had become unglued for the same reason.

The bridge was easily removed using more heat from a watlo silicone heater. Before re-gluing the braces, a planed piece of oak was clamped to the top of the sound-board to help reshape it into a flat top from the concave surface it had evolved into.

Gluing and clamping the braces required a bit of forearm acrobatics and contortion to reach inside the the ever shrinking sound-hole as clamps continued take up the valuable real estate.

Next step: re-glue the bridge.

More pix coming soon…

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