Fernandes Dragonfly

This guitar had been sitting on the sidelines for a while and needed some TLC before it’s owner was to take it back on stage.

It was missing an output jack plate as well as some suspicious wiring on the existing output jack. This “economic” output jack was a weak link in the signal chain and was replaced with a well-made Switchcraft component.

The frets had some significant divits in the first and second positions that needed to be leveled and dressed. Also, many of the fret-ends were pulling up that needed to be re-seated (using a compression fretting clamp) before we started leveling.

The saddle heights did not come close to matching the radius of the fretboard, the intonation was way off and the fretboard was dry as a desert and needed to be oiled- so a thorough setup was in order.

The repairs and set-up were finished just in time for the guitar to hit the stage one more time.

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