Fender DG200SCE

This Fender acoustic really needed a neck reset. However, while it is a fine workhorse guitar, it really did not make sense to make such an investment in an economic instrument. However, this guitar is used almost daily, so something needed to be done in order to improve its playability.

So instead of doing a costly neck reset, we decided to sand down the bridge and lower the saddle slot. While this technique only treats the symptoms and not the foundational problem of the neck being set at an incorrect angle, in some cases on less expensive guitars it can be very effective in lowering the action.

All often played guitar will eventually need a fret dress as the wear down. This acoustic was no exception and had some rather deep divots on the first 5 or 6 frets. So after making the adjustments to the bridge we did a fret dress.

When all was said and done, this Fender was very playable and the client was pleased with his guitars new feel.

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