Chet’s Chet

Chet's Chet

This is a 1989 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman. It was the very first CACG made by Gibson . It belonged to Chet and was one of his main guitars for the latter years of his life. The guitar now belongs to country musician Steve Wariner and was bequeathed to him after Chet passed away.

Chet had been Steve’s mentor and dear friend for many years. And Steve told me he had just not been able to open the case for about a year. 

Steve was about to record a Christmas album (Guitar Christmas ) and he felt the time was right to break out the guitar and let it shine. Before hitting the studio, Steve asked me to give the guitar some TLC before the studio session. 

You can hear the guitar on two tracks: Winter Wonderland & White Christmas . I highly recommend giving them a listen.

Above: a close up of the label just inside the F-hole of the guitar. You can see where Chet reached in with a pen when he first received the guitar and wrote: “1st orange model 89”.

Steve Wariner and Colin Burch. December 2002.

Above: me and Steve, December 2002. One of the few bosses I’ve had that I can also call a true friend.

Above: Steve Wariner playing his 1989 Country Gentleman in December 2002

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