About Us

The Guitar BenchColin Burch has been repairing, restoring and building guitars for over 20 years. His first attempt at working on guitars came when he was eight years old and he wanted to modify his old Yamaha acoustic. It was less than successful and he is still recovering from the resulting parental backlash for permanently scarring his guitar.

He began successfully modifying his own guitars in his college dorm room which quickly lead to helping friends with their various guitar repair needs. In the early 1990’s, he started touring with various bands as a guitar tech. Then in 1993 he opened Colin’s Guitar Works located in Nashville, TN. In 1995 he spent a year working for Gibson Guitars with the original team of luthiers that set up Gibson’s first in-house warranty repair department.

By the year 2000, Colin had an extensive client list of touring bands, local studio musicians and guitarists and collectors from around the nation. In 2005, he relocated his guitar bench to Northern Virginia where he continues to watch a parade of instruments pass through his shop.